The final stretch

As I predicted in a previous post, all the meat has gone. The hills have retreated, forgoing a central role to masquerade as dark storm clouds on the horizon. Into the relinquished space roll miles and miles of dull farmland – vinyards and decapitated sunflower husks stretch out, recreating the agricultural deserts I haven’t seen since northern … More The final stretch

Re: Fugees The Score

NB: This post has nothing to do with seminal 90s hiphop groups. You just got click baited. The military jeep at the entrance is the only overt clue the old factory is not what it seems. You could pass its unassuming walls everyday and remain unaware that hundreds of people live in purgatory within. The … More Re: Fugees The Score

Witty title

“Do you drink coffee?” wasn’t really the response I was looking for. With about an hours daylight left I had stopped a guy in the street to ask where I could pitch a tent for the night. If this trip teaches me anything though, apart from how to accept ridiculous tan lines, its that saying … More Witty title

Slovenian love-in

Disclaimer: I do not currently, or ever have worked for the Slovenian tourist board. However I reserve the right to do so in the future. The Alps begin to fade as you approach the southern Austrian border. Towering cliffs become genteel hills, a wide flat valley framing a sluggish river in its old age. Just … More Slovenian love-in

Art of the W-turn

It didn’t look very dangerous I have to say. A tiny single track country lane on which fast moving traffic for the last few hours had consisted of an over enthusiastic dog. This time of the year though, the owner of said energetic dog told me, leaning in conspiratorially, farmers used this road on the … More Art of the W-turn